Business Model

About DFCC Bank

Founded in 1955, DFCC Bank is one of the oldest development banks in Asia, and celebrated 60 years of prosperity in October 2015. The Bank possesses a proud heritage of achievements, which includes financing new economic sectors in the country and being the wind beneath the wings of many trail-blazing entrepreneurs especially in their early and risky start-up stages. Today these sectors have become mainstream businesses that support the national economy in many ways.

In a landmark event in Sri Lanka’s banking and financial sector, DFCC Bank and its subsidiary, DFCC Vardhana Bank amalgamated to form DFCC Bank PLC, a fully-fledged Licensed Commercial Bank supervised by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. This significant milestone coincided with DFCC Bank’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The joint synergies and the combined development banking and commercial banking resources of the merged entities, strengthen and position DFCC Bank PLC as a force to be reckoned with in the financial services industry. The combined entity will continue to support individuals and businesses of all sizes, offering both development banking and commercial banking facilities. It will serve a variety of clients ranging from individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs to SMEs and corporates across the country, operating through 137 branches and service points. DFCC Bank remains committed to driving financial inclusion in the country.