Report of the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee

The Composition

The Human Resources and Remuneration Committee appointed by the Board of Directors, presently consists of three Non-Executive Directors. C R Jansz is the Chairman of the Committee. A W Atukorala and Ms V J Senaratne are the other members. G K Dayasri also functioned as a member of the Committee until his retirement in July 2015.

The Chief Executive attended meetings by invitation and participated in its deliberations except when his own evaluation and remuneration was under discussion. He also serves as the Secretary. The Group Vice President, Human Resources assisted the Committee by providing relevant information. The Committee obtains input from external specialists as and when required.

The Mandate

The Committee adopted as its mandate the tasks specified in Section 3 (6) (iii) of Direction No. 12 of 2007 of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on Corporate Governance for licensed specialised banks until 30 September 2015 and Section 3 (6) (iii) of Direction No. 11 of 2007 of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on Corporate Governance for licensed commercial banks with effect from 1 October 2015.

The Committee in determining the remuneration policy relating to Directors, Chief Executive and Key Management Personnel of DFCC Bank, in terms of Directions ensures appropriate compensation levels in order to attract, retain and motivate talented staff with the core capabilities matched to its strategy and also to ensure that the Bank consistently delivers value to all stakeholders and to make the organisation more competitive. To achieve this, the Committee uses a mixture of fixed and variable pay to reward employees. During the period under review, the Committee oversaw a review of the Bank's perquisite structure. The Committee also reviewed and recommended a revision to the staff grading structure and designations based on a study carried out by an external consultant.

The Procedure

Apart from the general review of remuneration, in keeping with the policy of pay for performance, the Committee reviewed the performance of DFCC Bank against the historical performance, key performance indicators agreed at the beginning of the year as well as against a peer group when determining and recommending to the Board the annual salary increment pool and the performance based variable pay pool for DFCC Bank. The Committee also appraised the performance of the Chief Executive based on the pre-agreed targets and desired skills and reviewed his remuneration.

In addition, the Committee considers and recommends to the Board of Directors from time to time, the requirements of additional/new expertise/skills and also salary revisions. The Committee periodically assesses the succession plan for key management positions and took appropriate steps to induct external skills to strengthen the management of the banking business of DFCC Group where it was deemed necessary.


The Committee held three meetings during the financial period to carry out its task. The attendance by members is given on this table.

C R Jansz
Chairman — Human Resources and Remuneration Committee
24 February 2016